QlikView Consulting And Training Services in Canada

QlikView Consulting Services:

Bilytica provides QlikView Consulting Services in Canada is an advanced, dynamic and flexible business intelligence tool that empowers users through business-driven data discoveries via guided analysis paths. Analytics is often referred to as “governed data discovery” whereby analysis is performed via pre-built visual analytical applications or dashboards.  They typically consolidate data across key KPI’s metrics from multiple data sources, allowing a user to filter, drill-down and search on information relevant to decision making in a business function.

The QlikView Business Discovery platform:

At the core of QlikView Consulting Services in Canada is its patented software engine. Data is easily extracted from multiple data sources via connectors that is transformed, compressed and loaded into memory and made available for immediate exploration by multiple users.

QlikView Consulting Services – Self-Service data visualizations:

Big Data Consulting Services is a revolutionary self-service data visualization and discovery tool. It provides end users with the freedom to create their own new visualizations rather than pre-defined drill paths and pre-configured dashboards. Using the patented associative technology, users can derive insights from data helping to optimize decision-making.  Using simple drag-and-drop interfaces you can create flexible, interactive data visualisations without the need to develop complex scripting.

With its responsive design, QlikView allows access from any mobile device.  Through its unique data storytelling it allows you to share multiple points of view with the ability to dive back into source analysis at any point.  The enterprise-level governance of data and analytics allows for large enterprise deployments.

QlikView Development and Training:

  • Application design, development and support
  • How to set up your QlikView Consulting Services?
  • Customized QlikView training and mentoring


  • QlikView in the Cloud – Apply QlikView without the hassle of setting up and managing your own QlikView environment
  • QlikView on Mobile – Design and implementation for your mobile workforce
  • QlikView Connectors – Connect, chain and analyze data from third-party solutions such as SAP, Sales Force, Microsoft SharePoint, and others
  • Single sign-on and custom portal integration

Our qualified trainers provide training in all areas of BI using QlikView Training Services in Canada. We offer professional ways in which we expand the knowledge and skill set of your employees by teaching them how to effectively develop, customize and deploy QlikView Consulting Services within your organization.


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