100% Stop Fuel Theft from
your Vehciles & Engines

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Fuelioo developed fuel theft hardware that once installed instead near engine of your truck will 100% eliminate possibility of fuel theft made by inside (drivers) or outside (thieves) company factors. It Automatically calculates the average of Engine and reports the consumption of engine to owner via Mobile and web interface . It sends alerts and notifcations on important events like when engine is switched off or when there is some abnormal flow of fuel. Tied up with enterprise software on the market ,Fuelioo offers unique and patented hardware solution to assure 100% fuel management control.

Engines are always

That is why we developed a smart hardware that can be installed in 30 seconds. Don't call technician - Do it yourself, save money, when you buy a new truck or engine based device like Car, Generator etc - simply plug in the device .

Thieves are very

That is the reason Fuelioo is standalone device. No connection to the vehicle power or computer system with durable aluminum housing makes it impossible to disable.

How it Works?

Simply Install Fuelioo nera vehicle engine.

Secured Lock will prevent unauthorized removal of  Feulioo and sensor will alarm the company if somebody removes it by force.

Fuelioo will measure the amount of fuel consumption by engine in order to make sure that the fuel company paid really consumed by vehicle so the driver can't steal it or put in the cans.

Fuelioo will prevent paid fuel going out due to anti siphoning protection while the truck is left on a truck stop unattended.

With built in 3G modem it will send real time data via SMS or Email informing you about amount of added fuel and it will match those results with Fuel Card Company report to make sure there is no misuse of the fuel.

Powered by built in battery doesn't require any connection to the vehicle or fuel tank modification.


Fuelioo design fits on all trucks
All in One Integrated Hardware and Software
Unauthorized Removal Alarm Sensor and Locking System.
100% Stand Alone Device
No Connection to the Vehicle power or Vehicle Computer System
Measurement precision 99% 
Company Data protection by Encrypted Communication Protocol
Cloud Based Technology – True Virtual Computing Environment – Access your data from anyplace or device