Erpisto Budgeting and Planning Analytics

Many organizations want to expand their finance with the rise in Budgeting and it really provides increasing value in other functional areas. Few organizations understand only Budgeting while others understand only planning analytics. Erpisto combine both of them and we help our clients in their efforts to manage their resources financially, increase shareholder value and safeguard their reputation. Erpisto experts focus on industry specific approach to help the clients by delivering the value from the financial analytics which our clients expect.

  • Is your loyalty program working? Compare total turnover, prior to the loyalty program and after the loyalty program.
  • Are my loyalty members MORE valuable than my general customers? Analyze value of transactions where a loyalty customer purchased vs non-loyalty customers.
  • Analyze NET result on Customers Account (to date) to know the value delivered
  • Which customers generate X% of my sales/profit (Pareto)
  • How much is outstanding on 30/60/90 days
  • Number of customers by debtor demographics
  • Which customers are outstanding on 30/60/90 days and how much do they owe.
  • Comparison of Product changes in sales price and cost price over time
  • Compare Category changes in sales price and cost price over time
  • Which products generate X% of my sales/profit (Pareto)