Erpisto Customer Enrolment & Engagement Analytics

Erpisto Customer Enrolment & Engagement Analytics lets you integrate everything which the marketers and operators require to engage with customer. Our Customer Engagement analytics combine back-end analytics, frictionless consumer enrolment and campaign management to drive the engagement across major channels like social and mobile.

  • How many people are signing up for your program
  • Which channel are they using to sign up through
  • Which channel produces the highest value customers
  • Which stores have an issue with enrolling customers
  • Which promotions are driving the most enrolments
  • What % of my customers have enrolled (Penetration)
  • Which staff members are not asking for enrolments
  • Which staff members should be rewarded
  • How engaged are your customers with your brand?
  • Transactional: % of customers that perform 1/3/5/10/15 transactions p/Month
  • Social: % of customers that Post to Facebook and twitter about my brand.% that have referred a friend; % that have signed up for the newsletter
  • How sticky is your loyalty Program
  • % of Loyalty Points Accrual
  • % of Loyalty Points Redemption
  • Redemption Trend
  • Accrual Trend