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PeopleQlik Talent Management Solutions

Manage your talent effectively and efficiently with PeopleQlik’s talent management solution.

Manage your talent effectively and efficiently with PeopleQlik’s talent management solution.

Organizations need focusing on employee performance because unattended employee performance can lead to challenges. Talent recruitment, talent development and performance tuning are key elements of the PeopleQlik talent management software solution.

PeopleQlik HRMS software is the key to your business excellence

PeopleQlik Talent Acquisition

The business organizations grow due to the good hiring approach and practices of the HR department. The human efficiency & employee talent are their main focus.

Its robust recruitment module enables organizations to recruit the best-talented people into the business at the right time when preferring peopleQlik. The automated facility enables you to use the job portals online.

In short time, you’re hiring and recruitment tasks can be completed in a fast, simple and efficient manner, Feedback and interview scheduling can also be managed easily through a scheduling feature of the HR tool. It helps to automate data extraction of organization.

PeopleQlik Applicant Management

We offer a user-friendly and intuitive applicant management solution that enables you to manage, upload and track applicants throughout the hiring process you can Easily schedule work requests using this Applicant Management Module.. We help hiring manager’s plan and close vacancies based on a time horizon.

PeopleQlik Requisition Management

It makes the hiring process quick, simple and efficient. This module will help you complete the pre-employment verification of the applicant.

PeopleQlik New Hire on Boarding

The HR Management module makes it easy to update your newly hired pay and work information. Information about new hires is automatically updated,

PeopleQlik Interview and Selection Management, Interview and Selection Management ensure you to schedule interviews, do feedback, and select the most suitable applicants. It can help you assess qualified applicants who meet the company’s requirements.

PeopleQlik Interview and Selection Management

Our Interview and Selection Management lets you select the most appropriate candidate, do feedback, and you schedule interviews. It certainly Aids to evaluate candidates consequently to the company’s requirements.

PeopleQlik Offers Management

PeopleQlik provides an administration module that provides simple steps to create an offer letter and record an applicant’s offer acceptance.

PeopleQlik Performance Alignment

Employees can manage their performance, evaluate their goals, and then plan their design and basic feedback. The performance management module in our system is the focus of on-line performance assessment and talent development tools.  We help managers play certain key roles such as suggesting strategies to improve assess performance in a timely manner, evaluate top talent, and help them recognize development potential.

PeopleQlik Administration and Compensation Planning

PeopleQlik compensation planning module encourages pay for performance culture in organizations. We offer maker checker validation and this validation helps you to be accurate with process. PeopleQlik supports the generation of total rewards statement for employees and allow each employee to publish it in his/her respective login.

PeopleQlik 360 Degree Feedback

Reviews and ratings help managers to assess progress made by employees on the basis of manager perspective. 360 degree feedback allows you to understand how well employee can get fitted in to overall schema of organization. PeopleQlik HRMS performance management solution enables you to develop and design the feedback template, choose the evaluators, start process and assess received feedback. Evaluators include the peers, downwards, upwards and external people (vendors and the clients) and their feedbacks are of extreme importance.

PeopleQlik Performance Management

Performance alignment is a key element of organizational growth. Strong and translucent performance management module assists managers to assess and review employee performance. This transparency ensures efficient employee performance alignment. Let your employees perform well and offer maximized productivity through PeopleQlik performance management software.

PeopleQlik Goal Management

Transparent performance assessment process plays a pivotal role in any organization’s success. Set, track and update the goals of employees across an organization through PeopleQlik’s highly efficient and active goal management module.

PeopleQlik Rewards Management

PeopleQlik rewards management module helps you to acknowledge you employee’s key achievements during the tenure. This module is the only source of reference through which you can follow the progress of each and every employee. As we believe that hard work and merit never goes unnoticed.

PeopleQlik Talent Development

Talent development enables the companies to have sufficient talent pools for specific job classifications through complete focus on individual skills, behaviors and proficiencies and these features make the jobs and employees successful in no time for the future endeavors. PeopleQlik Talent Development module allows organizations to manage talent assets and alleviate talent risks. It enables you to improve key competencies which are essential for business advantage and reduce the administrative risks.

PeopleQlik Succession Management

Succession Management efficiently secures the future leadership capability as it is critical for driving an organizational performance which wins in changing technological world. It is an active and vital ongoing business process which embrace dynamic market imperatives for integrating an identification, assessment and development of talent with a wide range of strategic planning.

PeopleQlik Succession Management module quickly identified key positions on the basis of critical areas like the positions which are vacant and their impact on company’s ability to conduct the normal business and retention risks like positions where employee departure can be expected. When positions are identified then all the competencies for key position including knowledge, behavior and skills are efficiently mapped. Process of identifying and nominating successor begins and it is followed up with successor development plan and its evaluation. Last step in this process is the successor readiness assessment and closure and it let the organization efficiently choose successor.

PeopleQlik Social Recognition Framework

Enterprises that focus on meeting the employee needs can take full advantage of PeopleQlik’s social recognition framework. Each employee joins any company with some expectations and he/she has some psychological requirements to keep oneself motivated and to perform. Some organizations do not come up to the expectations and confidence of the employees. PeopleQlik offers a specialized module to satisfy the psychological requirements of employees. PeopleQlik social recognition framework makes recognition simple, economical and effective. Recognition is easy and best strategy for engaging your team. Positively impact the morale and motivation of employee by sending a quick and congratulatory note to fellow employee. You can also congratulate an entire department or team with photo on few clicks by sending rewards. PeopleQlik software makes it easy to acknowledge your employees achievements and encourages recognize high performance culture.

PeopleQlik Learning Management

Build an efficient and effective learning organization with PeopleQlik HRMS software. Its learning management module updates key competencies that are essential for business advantage. Sharp and targeted training and development programs result in the reduction of training costs and all the administrative overheads. Everyone is not same and have variant requirements which are according to their aptitude and skills. This difference of behavior and skills make training an essential tool. PeopleQlik’s training management solution enable organizations to polish their resource with right skills to make them valuable asset for the company.

PeopleQlik Competency Management

Access the competency of your employees with PeopleQlik’s competency management software. It assists you to polish the required skills of your workforce, explore the hidden talents and enhance efficiency. By identifying the right level of your employees’ competencies you can acknowledge their capabilities and raise morale which in turn helps to retain them. Effectively and efficiently identify and nurture the in house talent through proper management of workforce competencies.